TrafficSteer is one of India's leading mobile ad networks that specializes in mobile advertising and lead generation. We can help you with Mobile Display Ads, App Installations, Subscriptions and Mobile Videos. With several years of experience and capability of delivering up to 40,000 installs per day, more than 55 million clicks per month, and over 7 billion impressions; TraficSteer is the ultimate answer to all your mobile-related queries
Traffic Steer
40K Installs Per Day
55 Millions Click Per Month
7 Billion impressions
Traffic Steer


Through our years of working with advertisers from across industries and products, we have understood your needs and have modeled and constantly updated our solution offerings to suit your requirements.

  • We generate and deliver only unique, quality Installs to ensure that only potential customers with high conversion chances will reach you.
  • We have a wide range of publishers where your ads will be published to ensure that you get just the kind of audience that you require. Our portfolio contains premium as well as very specialized and niche channels.
  • We work with your team to understand your target segments and then through our tools and ex perience, help you to deliver your ads only to very specifically targeted and segmented customer groups for best results.
  • We have highly experienced and qualified Account Managers with several years of experience in various industry fields to deliver you an absolutely top class experience. You will never be alone!
  • We provide coverage across several geographies as per your requirements, such as Across India, the Americas, EU, UK, South-East Asia and Emerging International Markets to ensure that your ads reach as wide a segment as possible.
Traffic Steer


As a publisher, you always want the best and quality ads to be displayed on your network and because we are one of the leading mobile ad-networks, we have some of the best brands advertising through us on your networks. Below are some of the benefits you get: -

  • We have worked with some of the best global brands, including Lufthansa, Cleartrip, Gaana, etc. and ensure that only the best and multifaceted brands showcase themselves through your traffic.
  • We provide you a Dedicated Account Manager who manages all transactions with you and regularly provides performance related updates and helps in future planning of campaigns.
  • Our process is very technical and systematic, and we deliver detailed and precise reports and dashboards to you at all times so that you can track exactly what is going on with your display network.
  • We ensure that the payouts are always timely and up to the standards of the industry.
  • We also provide sound technical support to help you display ads in the most optimum way possible for you to maximize your earnings.



We work with the best advertisers publishers to deliver great conversion rates and ROI, which is easily measurable and actionable through easy pricing models like cost per click or cost per thousand impression.

MOBILE Installs

Have the next killer app? Don’t worry, we will help you getting App Installs by displaying your ads on the best inventory and helping you track results per app install. If you’re a publisher, we help you display the best performing ads.

MOBILE Subscription

Looking for e-mail subscribers? We help you deliver the best campaigns and solutions and also have a huge database of verified users and we help you track the results through an easy to understand cost per acquisition model.


We help you deliver engaging and captivating mobile video ads that have much higher conversion rates than other kind of ads, along with easy ways for result tracking, such as cost per view, cost per completed video, etc.

Brands Served